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Guest Service At Disney: Surprising & Delighting Guests At Every Touchpoint

Bob Simmonds, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Travel Operations, Disney Destinations, shares Disney’s perspective on what’s important to create memorable experience for their guests. Bob’s unique insight helps explain how Disney creates guests who absolutely love the brand, and who are consistently delighted by their experiences.


Achieving Excellence in Customer Contact

Organisations across the board are starting to realise that, for their customer contact strategy to be successful, it must deliver a great service not just some of the time, but all of the time - easier said than done as customer contact professionals need to factor in a variety of factors to ensure their customer contact strategy can be leveraged as a true differentiator. This eBook provides you with insight into the key areas the experts are prioritising to ensure their strategy remains competitive and consistently delivers for the customer.

5 ways to improve on-site search conversion

Did you know that 89% of customer have stopped doing business with a retailer after undergoing a poor customer experience? Providing an effortless shopping experience is a key driver t the success of any e-tailer. A great read from inbenta.