The Changing Face Of The American Contact Center

Customers are now engaging with brands and customer services in a more sophisticated way than ever before. Emotional engagement, personalization, even individualization are now key areas which organizations need to be looking at to remain competitive. So are you ready to personalize, digitize and monetize your customer services? Find out how the experts are doing it. 

Personalization vs Automation

Customers are engaging with financial services organizations in a much more sophisticated way than ever before, with the emergence of digital handing the power directly to the customer. But this is nothing new. What is new is how organizations are choosing to fight to not only win customers, but critically to retain customers, with emotional engagement, personalization, even individualization playing a key role in remaining competitive. But how are the biggest FS players delivering a personalized experience? Can this even be done without the use of automated systems to service their customers on a mass basis? And which is more critical – a personalized experience or the efficiencies of an automated experience?

Understanding Customer Service Leaders' Top 10 Investment Priorities for 2017 and Beyond

The Executive Customer Contact Exchange surveyed our elite network of customer service leaders to understand their biggest customer service business challenges and which tools and solutions they plan to invest in over the next 6 - 18 months

The Rise of Artificial Intelligence in Customer Service

Empowering customers to get support via the channels of their choice, including self-service, is great but where does that leave the workforce and the emotional engagement of customers? 

This is just one of the questions that this report will provide insight into. Download it to find out what it takes to ensure contact center strategies stay ahead of the competition as we look to 2018 and beyond.

Features exclusives articles and interviews with customer service leaders from EA, TD Bank and many more, making this report a must read!

Customer Service: Key Investments Report

North America’s most senior customer service executives have shared the challenges and investment areas that are shaping their 2018 strategies in this definitive guide into customer service budget assignment. The proliferation of new technologies and the ever-changing nature of customer interaction make for a fresh myriad of challenges for those ultimately responsible for these strategies.

So which challenges are keeping executives awake at night? And which services and solutions are they prioritizing with 2018 just around the corner? This in-depth research seeks to outline these critical questions and help better understand marketing spend.


Guest Service At Disney: Surprising & Delighting Guests At Every Touchpoint

Bob Simmonds, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Travel Operations, Disney Destinations, shares Disney’s perspective on what’s important to create memorable experience for their guests. Bob’s unique insight helps explain how Disney creates guests who absolutely love the brand, and who are consistently delighted by their experiences.


Executive Customer Contact Exchnage 2016 Post Event Report

The 2016 Executive Customer Contact Exchange Post Event Report In October 2016, the Executive Customer Contact Exchange connected 70+ customer service leaders with a selection of the most innovative solutions and services providers in this sector to find solutions to their biggest challenges. The Post Event Report provides an indepth analysis of the attendees, the central themes that arose from discussing the challenges keeping customer service executives awake at night, and the industry trends driving high levels of investment across the broad technology and service provider landscape, featuring exclusive interviews, presentations, stats and much more.


Building A Culture That Puts Customers Needs Over Short Term Business Goals

In this presentation Gayle Lanier, SVP & Chief Customer Officer, Duke Energy talks about the practicalities of delivering an excellent contact strategy in an industry where It’s so critically important. 

A Structured & Automated Approach To Building A High Performance Contact Center Organization

Gregory Knight, SVP & Chief Customer Officer, CenterPoint Energy, shares his experiences from a board perspective, giving a fantastic insight into what should be prioritized in order to gain executive buy-in for customer contact initiatives


Exclusive Forrester Research Q&A: How To Move From Personalization To Individualization

Grab a copy of this exclusive excerpt shared by Forrester Research from their December report, “Personalization And The Rise Of Individualized Experiences”.


Natalie Beckerman, VP Customer Service, CREDO

In this exclusive interview Natalie talks about building an emotional connection with her customers in order to increase loyalty and trust with the brand.

Troy Peterson, VP Customer Care, Erie Insurance

In this interview, Troy shares his thoughts and views on delivering a service culture whilst still keeping costs at where they should be to drive profitable ROI on customer initiatives