Building A Culture That Puts Customers Needs Over Short Term Business Goals

In this presentation Gayle Lanier, SVP & Chief Customer Officer, Duke Energy talks about the practicalities of delivering an excellent contact strategy in an industry where It’s so critically important. 

A Structured & Automated Approach To Building A High Performance Contact Center Organization

Gregory Knight, SVP & Chief Customer Officer, CenterPoint Energy, shares his experiences from a board perspective, giving a fantastic insight into what should be prioritized in order to gain executive buy-in for customer contact initiatives

Linking The Contact Strategy To Bottom Line Business Results

Linking ROI to customer initiatives is critical for any board to see before they invest in contact strategies. Lynn Holmgren, Former CXO, Millicom International Services, demonstrates this by highlighting a clear example from Millicom’s customer strategies that show this link clearly.  


Exclusive Forrester Research Q&A: How To Move From Personalization To Individualization

Grab a copy of this exclusive excerpt shared by Forrester Research from their December report, “Personalization And The Rise Of Individualized Experiences”.